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November 22 Newsletter

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

It has been quite a few weeks since we sent out a newsletter and so many things have been

happening in the world. We decided it now was the time to tell you about Christmas at Lancashire

Makers. It hardly seems real that we have been open nearly a year and this will be our first

Christmas in our new location.

We have had a change around and put up our trees. There are all sorts of wonderful Christmas decorations and lots of Christmas gifts based on a star theme. There are exciting additions from our soap makers with new solid shampoo and conditioners in pots that are available in fragrances that will suit everyone and new candle scents to make your rooms smell wonderful. Glass tree hangers and decorated lanterns will lend a cheery atmosphere while you snuggle up in warm Harris tweed scarves. Some of you may not have seen our wooden clocks from small bedside up to handsome skeleton clocks that would grace any room. Our jewellery makers have fashioned some interesting pieces with a great variety of styles.

We think by now you can guess we are bursting at the seams with original gifts. As many of you

know we are set up as a non-profit shop to help the artists and craft people of Lancashire. We take as little commission as possible so artists can keep making and designing new work. The move to our new shop has brought us so many new customers and we really enjoy talking to them about our plans.

One final thing before we close, the shops all along Botanic Road are having a Christmas

celebration. All our shops will be open with more traders on stalls outside. Carol singing and a

switch on of the Christmas lights will be taking place. The naughty elves will be there for children to spot the “Elf on a shelf” and a prize draw. Keep Sunday the 27th free and come down and join us between 2pm – 8pm.

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