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Liberty Love Affair

My lockdown started with me closing my shop at Cedar Farm a week or two before the national one but I overhauled our old wash house at home back into a small workroom so, although I couldn't paint my silk, at least I could sew. I made up lots of my silk into scarves, restocked my salvage bags, made from lots of lovely repurposed clothing and fabric swatches and remnants, and made tablet bags and sketch/notebooks from vintage Japanese obi fabrics.

Then a lovely friend and customer asked me to make her some face coverings. I made some in my silk but decided it wouldn't be too practical for all the machine washing it would need and I happened to have some nice Liberty tana lawn hanging around (as you do!).........well, that really took off and I found myself making hundreds of them and haven't stopped yet. Both of our shops had a small selection of them in the months we were allowed to open and I had lots at my shop at Cedar Farm too. I also started giving them a silk lining as it is so much softer and kinder on your skin.

People asked if I got fed up making them but I loved making them! The fabrics are so beautiful and I got addicted to buying Liberty. I actually found it a soothing activity when i was feeling stressed. In the Summer, if I couldn't sleep, I would go outside to the wash house and crack on with them. I did explain to the neighbours in case they could hear my sewing machine!

I also got so excited when some of the fabrics arrived that I kept them for me. I now have 5 Liberty lawn night dresses, 2 Summer weight pairs of trousers, a patchwork duvet cover and am embarking on my second and a stash of lovely fabric to use for other projects. Oh, and have Liberty hair scrunchies and hairbands and lampshades at my studio hair cut.

So, now you know about my secret love affair!

Check out the selection I have on my website here

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