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Toni Banks Sculptures

Toni Banks is a 3D mixed media artist, living in Crossens Southport.

She has been creative since an early age, when her grandmother taught her to sew & knit. She also taught her how to be frugal, by recycling/upcycling many things that would normally be thrown away. 

She has a Foundation degree in Interior Design and NVQs in Art. She has many years experience in  knitting, crochet, painting, stumpwork embroidery, needle felting, polymer clay modelling & sewing. She loves trying out new craft techniques & combining different crafts to create her sculptures.

She is inspired by nature, architecture & the sea.

Toni's sculptures are almost entirely made from recycled & upcycled materials. They include locally found driftwood from the local beaches and offcuts of wood collected from local carpenters. As well as scraps that usually end up in landfill, including leftovers from the shoe industry & upholsterers.

She hopes everyone enjoys her sculptures, as much as she enjoy making them!

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