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Mike Tooms

Having lived in Southport for nearly 40 years, I took up ceramics relatvely late in life after spending 20 years in retail management, deperately wanting to do something more creative. I remembered enjoying pottery classes in school so, in 2016, retrained in ceramics.

I use stoneware clay to make hand thrown functional objects which I hand carve to create surface texture, sometimes using shells from local beaches to impress into the clay to give a seaside feel to my work. I then layer with multiple layers of glazes to form individually unique pieces.

I try to make items that people will find both useful and a pleasure to use. It is particularly nice to be able to produce things that you can't normally buy in the shops such as my extra large cup mugs.

All my ceramics are microwave and dishwasher safe and all glazes are lead free.


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