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Jenny Appleton

I originally trained in theatrical prop making at art college, but turned my attention to jewellery and silversmithing around 20 years ago.
I have always loved shiny things, and find the process of silversmithing fascinating. It involves a lot of heat and flames and can be quite unpredictable - and exciting.
I’ve recently started enamelling. I love to see what emerges from the kiln. The results are always a bit different, making all my pieces unique.
I use recycled sterling or fine silver, and have recently started buying old sterling silver coins to make some of my jewellery (pre 1920 silver coins were actually silver) so many of my pieces have a long history.
I find my inspiration in many places, but I especially like geometric shapes borrowed from industry and nature.
I make all my jewellery in my workshop in Southport, and am delighted to be a part of Lancashire Makers.

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