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Diana Morrison

Having trained in Fashion with Printed Textiles I have worked as a designer maker producing a range of textile jewellery and fashion accessories alongside teaching Fine Art, Fashion and Textile Design in Further Education for many years. Now having left formal teaching I still lead workshops and give talks and demonstrations to a wide variety of different groups.

My current practice diverges into two distinct strands, designing functional and more commercial items for sale in shops, galleries and selected retail fairs alongside my more 'Fine Art' issue based work with the lovely 'Decorum' Textile Artists.
All of my work is very colourful and my inspirations range from plant forms to creatures such as birds and butterflies.My current ranges major on a range of Heat Transfer Printed items using leaves and grasses as resist objects within the print to create the patterning alongside felted and intensively machine embroidered brooches and earrings. i use my prints to cover notebooks and sketchbooks using fine quality papers and also produce scarves in a range of fabrics from delicate georgette to luscious shimmery velvet


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