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Ally Noble

I am a fused glass artists living in Cheshire. I have a design degree from Liverpool Polytechnic and spent over 30+ years working as a computer artist and games project manager. Once I stopped hands on drawing each day I needed an outlet for my creativity and started working with glass; a medium  I’ve always found fascinating. Initially I made leaded windows and small Tiffany foiled pieces. With the help of a grant from The Crafts Council I was able to buy a large kiln and increase the size and scope of my work. I have now been fusing for over 17 years.

I find natural phenomena such as water and light fascinating, particularly the way light moves through water and foliage. These are themes I keep returning to in my work. The fluidity of fish under water is quite mesmerising and I try to recreate this in my Koi work. I use layers to mimic the refractive properties of water along with motion and balance to replicate natural movement.

Coming from The Wirral means I can draw on coastal memories to create other work such as the mackerel (based on a teenage fishing trip). Seascapes mounted in driftwood also have a direct path from my childhood.

Since our move inland and to a woodland garden studio I found myself becoming aware of the manic activity outside my window, this lead, after hours of watching, to my successful birds range. I am a nature lover, and feed our birds, hedgehogs and foxes.

I work at my practice full time creating and enjoy investigating new techniques and ideas. I attend fairs, exhibit in galleries and shops throughout the UK and undertake commission work for clients.


🔗Ally Noble Fused Glass


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