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March window display - Pattern & Shapes

Our fresh new window displays are now up with fresh new work from lots of our talented makers- perfect for the start of spring! 

Our new theme for March and April is “Pattern and Shapes” and a lot of our makers have gone a bit more abstract than usual. There is new glasswork from Ally Noble, Janice Bradshaw and Vanessa Gemmell. Textiles from Diana Morrison, Paula Maxfield and Karen Van Wyk and mosaics from Jan Tasker. 

Our jewellers, Jenny Appleton, Jo Joyce and Babs Taylor have made new pieces too. Babs has given us a selection of blues/turquoises as March’s birthstone is aquamarine. She will be bringing crystal pieces in April as the birthstone is diamond/crystal. Our jewellery cabinet window has had a total revamp reflecting these birthstones and lots of pinks and lilacs for Mothers Day too. 

The windows are lit with lamps and shades by Joanne Eddon using Orla Kiely fabric and other abstract designs. 

As Artists, Makers, Designers and Creators WE LOVE PATTERN AND SHAPES!

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