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I am a self taught silversmith working from a tiny studio in the heart of Lancashire. A lifelong beachcomber and collector of tiny things, I hand make every design working exclusively with sterling silver and featuring the rare English sea glass that I find. Each piece of sea glass was found by me on the beaches of north east England....This rare sea worn glass is unaltered in shape, surface texture or colour, and carefully selected for each

unique piece of jewellery that I create..

Seaham sea glass is unique in that most of it was once industrial waste from the glass manufacturing process, discarded into the wild North Sea. Those once jagged shards are naturally upcycled and smoothed by the waves over many, many years, also known as ’Mermaids Tears’, these beautiful pieces evoke the serenity of lazy days on the beach and remind us of the power of the ocean waves...

A joy to wear and a treasure to keep..

Sarah Good - Seawitchseaglass